Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda Todd & Suicide.

..For anyone about to read this, I am not going to sit here and say how sad I am or retrace Amanda Todd's story. If you want that, get on google or facebook and read everyone else's posts. This is mine, my opinion, and I am entitled to it. If you don't like it then don't read. If you're going to comment about how wrong or insensitive I am, save it. I give no f**ks. I am about to say exactly WHAT I WANT, and WHAT I FEEL. ME. Not you. Not anyone else. Now that that's out of the way, here we go!

I am not going to say that I am completely uncaring or anything in that way about this subject, no! I have been down her road. I have been bullied, I have thought those thoughts and felt her pain, in a different way of course. I am sympathetic towards Amanda Todd, her family, and anyone who did still care for this girl who just lost her because bullying. I have lost people to the same tragedy and feel their sadness and their intense pain, but that is EXACTLY why I am here, why I am sitting here in my living room viciously typing this post in such haste just to get it out there for all of you people who think they've got it all figured out to read. I hope this slaps you in your ignorant faces. I do no defend anyone who says she was dumb, she was a h*e, or that it was her fault, no. I am defending those who do not mourn her because they want to mourn their friends who got no recognition.

Get real here people, stop being so close-minded. The difference between this girl and the other kids' stories where they have committed suicide is that she made a video that she chose to put onto the internet. THAT'S IT. Yes, her story behind the action was indeed very sad and different. Everyone's story is different. However, had she not made this video highlighting her sadness and at the end taking out her life-ending deed, we wouldn't know her story. I wouldn't, and neither would you! The story would have stayed local like every other suicide and we wouldn't have been effected or had our lives changed in any way. Understand? My friends, 3 of them to be exact, made no videos. They made no online posts or any other public gestures to show their hurt. They left this life just as she did, though. And would you like to know what happened?


No one here cared. There was no hiccup in the nation, no pages on facebook, not a single pause for mourning. We sat here and we cried and felt our pain alone. So what's so special about this one girl? There isn't anything. My beautiful friends, their wonderful souls were gone so suddenly and nothing occurred in their honor. So if you'd like to go wear pink and write on your arms and post your words on the net, go wild. I will not.

And to all of you saying we're desensitized, we're mean, we're b*tches, you don't care about Amanda Todd. No. You care about yourselves, you care about what will make you look good, and that is why you've stuck up for her. Get out of my face, and check yourself. Because I guarantee you yourself are a bully, and you have hurt someone in a way that saddened them in a way you don't understand. Don't worry about what we think, you obviously think you're right no matter what anyways. I commend you for your efforts, but how about you look back on the REAL reason you did and said those things, aye?

Thanks for reading, appreciate your comments on the matter.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey! You! Read this now! 😊

Hey! You! Having a bad day?

A rough week?

Well, guess what?

Smile. Because you're beautiful in your own way, always will be. You're amazing. And you will always have one person who loves you. Me! I love everybody who needs the love! ❤

Just don't worry about the little things. Just take a step back and think about the big picture, there's a plan. Always a plan.

Have a better day.

A greater week.

That's what.

Love Always,


Thoughts on Relationships❤

So, lately I've been thinking- a lot, unfortunately-
About love; the institute of it, relationships, that awfully cute stuff that we strive for. And these are my various thoughts I suppose, or I guess feelings would be a better word.

WARNING: this may be a post by me just so that I can vent. If so, I apologize. But, I warned you! Also, I do not take my own advice on these things. I kind of have confidence problems, so don't be offended if I say things I don't do myself in this area. This is FOR YOU.

Most people (guys especially) seem to spend a good majority of the being of their time being single bragging about it, right? There's more freedom, more fun, more excitement?

Well, that may be. But in my opinion..

Yes. There is definitely more freedom, I won't deny. I have experienced it. However, I'd also so love doing the things that make me have so much fun with someone I care about, someone significant- a significant other.
There is fun & excitement, but like I said. I would love to be having fun WITH someone I love.

Now, some feelings you DON'T feel when you're with someone that you do when you aren't. (This may not apply in all cases) Loneliness, maybe even emptiness, hopelessness and loss. Sometimes you just feel like you have no one there, no one who truly is always there for you who loves you and knows you. You feel like you're just alone in this world.

One other terrible feeling- that has just hit me recently- is worthlessness. Example? When you get so attached to someone who isn't yours yet. And then, suddenly, all of your fears came true and they lost interest. They left before they were yours to hold onto. It hurts, right? Hell. It sucks! (I may be talking like this because I was with someone for two years, every day, that was suddenly gone. However, I still feel this way.) You feel self-conscious, like what did I do wrong? Am I not this or that, like other girls? You feel like you'll never be good enough.

Well. You're wrong. You're beautiful. You're strong. You're more than good enough for anyone and everyone. That one that has you hung up doesn't see that, and that's their loss! You shouldn't waste your time on someone who won't give you theirs! C'mon now! Everyone deserves to feel love and be loved in return, there's someone for everyone. I promise.


P.S. thanks for reading. Have a great day/night. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sister Tattoo Ideas! c:

Hey there blogging sweethearts!

So lately my sister and I have been talking a lot about getting matching tattoos because.. Well we love each other, she's my twinsie. We have had this idea for a while but now it's become more of a reality since she's 18 in 9 days! So as scared as I am of needles and such I still really wanna do this. And here are some really cool ideas that I found!
<< This one's my favorite. c: (Awh skat this is gonna hurt!) "Together forever never apart.. maybe in distance but never in <3"

"I'll love you forever.. I'll like you for always"

"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Things About Appearance

So I have a few things I'd like to talk about that have to do with appearance and such. Here it goes..
Why is it that it truly is such a big deal about the way you look? It's not like changing your hair or the way you dress effects the way that YOU look. So why judge on those things? For example, what is the big difference between these two pictures?

I mean the obvious differences are that in one I did something with my hair and the other I didn't; in one I'm "dressed up" and the other I'm just wearing a t-shirt; in one I am without all makeup and the other I have some on. But my point is: did any of those things truly effect me or the way that I look? I truly don't think so. I'm addressing this because I know some people enjoy dressing up and always trying to look their best and others just choose to be comfortable and wear sweats or throw their hair up. And the typical reaction to the one that is dressed up with their hair done is that they look good, but the one with the sweats or hair up or just not trying to look great, they look bad. I don't really understand this. Guess what? You're beautiful. And so is everyone else. :)

One common phrase I have realized is used a lot is "You look tired today.". I also realized that I can be fully rested and people will still say that to me, and I have figured out why. I have picked up that people only say that on days where I have absolutely not a single bit of make up on and/or I am "dressed down". So obviously by using my deductive reasoning I've figured out what the true meaning of that phrase is! That is the nice way of saying to someone "You look crappy today!". If you're reading this and do use that tactic and think no one has noticed, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has figured it out. If your opinion is that you don't think they look too good that day, just don't say anything at all! If they don't already know that and don't care then why even bring it up?

-Not to mention, I did say that although your opinion is that way, Everyone Is Beautiful. So instead, maybe even tell them something nice that they did. Like that their eyes look pretty or something. If you give compliments you're sure to receive them back!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something I Wonder About

Something I just realized..

Ya see, girls really are a lot of unneccesary DRAMA. And that right there.. That gets under my skin. So most girls' solutions to that problem is to just hang out with guys the majority of the time.


I said they hang out with guys. Right? That doesn't automatically entail that they're doing bad things so why is it that that's the number one assumption of most girls? And why is it that girls need to then start more drama because they aren't the center of everyone's attention? I just have so many questions on this matter, mostly because I've been in this situation and so have my friends. See, there are very petty girls at our school that just start rumors and then you have more drama in your life than you need. So a solution would be to hang out with guys instead. I mean I'm kinda that person that just likes to chill with the guys instead of go shopping with a bunch of girls. But then when that happens.. BOOM! You're getting called all kinds of names. I mean if anyone has an answer for me.. Let me know :)

The Thing About Friends

So Here's The Thing..

I've learned that it really is better to have one best friend that you can always count on instead of a bunch of flaky friends. In all situations, I am glad that I have one friend that I always count on. When something happens and you need someone you aren't going to want to tell someone who you can't even be sure they'll keep to themselves.

So Down To The Point..

The point of me making this post is because I actually do have a best friend and we have had each others backs since the beginning of last school year.
That would be the wonderful little Karlee Detwiler! Her and I have been inserperable since we became friends in September of '11. I mean, our friendship is far from perfect I will admit. We have our share of disagreements and stubborness and fights, like anyone else. Every time that we do we always make up in some way no matter what. I will always be there for this girl and I am confident that she will do the same for me. We share so many little sayings, inside jokes, and even single words that make each other laugh and make each other feel better when we need it. We do a good job of reminding each other that we love each other too :)